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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 12:20

Labor Market Surveys


When you need to determine if an injured worker has suitable employment available within certain criteria such as: physical limitations, education, job skills, geographic area, and financial needs, perform a client interview coupled with a labor market survey.


Onsite Client Vocational Assessment  - There is no doubt, of the effectiveness of a client home visit, for an initial or follow-up client assessment from a vocational perspective. Observation of living conditions and physical barriers, family interactions, hobbies and other outside interests that could augment or impede the injured workers return to gainful employment. This one time assignment could be a valuable asset to the preparation of your file before attorney involvement.

Hypothetical Vocational Assessment  -  Can’t meet with your client? Do a hypothetical assessment based on previous work history to determine transferable skills, educational level, earnings history, and cross reference with a functional capacities evaluation to determine jobs and career opportunities your client may still be able to perform. If desired you could couple this with an Internet Labor Market Survey to locate suitable employment.


Labor Market Survey -  Vocational Counselors are able to significantly reduce job search time via the Internet, with positions listed being available and only needing assessed for appropriateness.


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