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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 12:08

Medical Bill Review  & Analysis

Out of control medical costs can make a company unhealthy. The SRS Group understands Cost Containment is an investment and not an expense. We are committed to assisting you minimize your costs by partnering with you to aggressively manage your cases.

The SRS Group offers 3 Levels of Medical Records Review:
1. Bill Re-pricing using state of the art technology
2. Medical Bill Review determines exposure to medical expenses
3. Medical Records Review coupled with a Legal Nurse Consultant provides in depth analysis of pre-existing conditions



Medical costs have been increasing for years:

In 2007 medical costs outpaced indemnity costs

59% of the total claim verses indemnity at 41%.

* National Council on compensation Insurance


What could be a greater asset to your company than a medical expert and proven technology to allow you to analyze your liability exposure?


Medical Records Review provides a sophisticated analysis that allows customers to make well informed decisions regarding their exposure to medical expenses. Medical Bill Review can be coupled with a Liability Nurse Specialist to provide an in depth analysis of causality, pre-existing conditions, and reasonable and necessary treatment to assist with settlement determination.

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