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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 12:48

Cost Containment

The SRS Group understands Cost Containment is an investment and not an expense. We are committed to assisting you in minimizing your costs.

What could be a greater investment in your company than your employees?

Without employees you have no company. With unhealthy employees you have an unhealthy company.

Likewise, out of control medical costs can make a healthy company unhealthy.

Your Experience Modification Rating is vital in reducing your Workers’ Compensation costs. It has a direct correlation to how much you pay in Workers’ Compensation Premiums.

Health & Wellness programs as a means of Loss Prevention have proven to lower both
Workers’ Compensation and Health Care premiums, improve employee attitude, lower
absenteeism and lower health care costs. This is a significant Return on Investment!

Early Intervention/Case Management when injuries do occur, 
have proven to lower medical and indemnity costs as well as premium costs.

Timing is crucial to lowering costs and improving results.

Being Pro-Active......A proven Return on Investment!


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Premiums + Indemnity + Medical Costs + Loss Prevention = True Costs

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